In 1970, in the basement of their home in Canton, Massachusetts, Martin and Diane Trust founded Mast Industries, Inc, after Marty went to Hong Kong and found factories that made quality sweaters at good prices. Marty sold his first sweaters a few months later to George Riesman, a Boston apparel retailer, who had to lend Marty an order pad to take his order.

In 1973, Marty met Leslie Wexner, owner of a six-store women’s apparel chain in Columbus, Ohio called The Limited. At the York Hotel in New York City, in a rented-by-the-hour room, Leslie and Verna Gibson, The Limited’s only buyer, placed an order for sweaters from Marty. The sweaters were delivered as promised, and the business between the two small companies grew. In 1978, Mast Industries, Inc. was acquired by The Limited, Inc.

Marty remained at the helm of Mast Industries, Inc., growing it into a 1.5 billion dollar business over the next 30 years.

By the mid-1980’s Marty began to see that contract manufacturing – or being the middle man – was not a recipe for long term success as the World got smaller and technology – even in its relative infancy -- allowed a closer relationship between retailer and factory. Marty began to find operators in all parts of the world with whom to set up Joint Venture factories. All partners were always equal, and every partner brought something different to the equation.

By the late 1990’s, thanks to Marty, Mast Industries, Inc. had nearly 40 joint ventures in a dozen countries manufacturing everything from bras to thread.

Upon his retirement from Mast Industries, Inc. in 2001, Marty founded Brandot International. He purchased several joint ventures from Mast and set up additional ones with current and new partners globally. By 2010 Brandot, and newly founded Jacob Industries again had 40 joint ventures in a dozen countries.

Today, Trust Family Industries (f.k.a Brandot), Jacob Industries, Bailey Investments and Samtex USA continue to operate and invest in Joint Venture facilities making premium apparel and components, and adding technology, real estate, and consumer goods to its portfolio. The now family-owned business carries on Marty’s vision of excellence, partnership and continued progress.